Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New inspiration - a little bit of sass, online retailers and some art journalling on the side!

Hi all,

I know it's been a few days since blogging but I haven't really had anything new to show! I've also finally started feeling better - so it has been films,more films, coffee with lovely ones, cuddles with new babies, mexican breakfasts, wine time with friends and zine inspirations! Check out my sister's zine site here! And also my friend Vonny's Red Bubble site for more inspiration is here! I would love to be able use the inspiration I get from zines (and the zine style) into my paper craft - I'm also thinking about how I can get a bit more of me into my cards and OTP pieces. So I am going to spend a bit more time journalling and art journalling to get the creative juices flowing! So I am going to do the 30 Day Journal Challenge over on Janel's blog! Who else is in? Who knows I might even pop the odd journal entry on the blog!

I also thought I might post a bit of card eye candy - I recent card I made using Sassafras Lass paper - their paper provides so much vintage inspiration! I love the colours, the shapes, the stickers, the lot! Enjoy the card!

Anyway, I hope to back in a few days with some new cards (if I have time!) and maybe a journal page - who knows? Plus I am also considering stepping into the world of online retailing. While people can email me through the blog to order custom orders and I hope to get into a couple of real world retailers - I also thought that I would go online. So Etsy, Made It, both, neither?? Thoughts, advice? Is anyone even out there to help answer this question? Where do you buy? Where do you sell?

L xx

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  1. Etsy is quite good, since it's recognisable and people know what they can find on there. Might be good to avoid confusion with the blog. Instead of taking orders directly by email you could divert all traffic through an online store so you only really have to check one place to see where you're at.

    Anyway was lovely seeing you today and your cards are super pretty. :-)