Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas craftiness & my Christmas saviour Liv!

Hi All,

I'm back - two posts in two days - look at me! I promised yesterday that I would post some of the Christmas craft that I had been working on for the last few months, so here are a few samples.

**Excuse the poor quality photos and the messy craft desk - you can blame iPhones and not enough time to make everything for Christmas**

All of these cards are made predominantly with Stampin Up supplies.

I am sooooooo in love with the stocking stamp and punch, and also the snow-shaker card (stamp and treat cup). Although a word of warning - mica flakes might look awesome in the treat cup, but they are less awesome when they are all over your craft room floor!!

Over Christmas I also got a little carried away with making chocolate sliders - I probably made about 30 over Christmas. I used them as voucher and money holders, as well as just general gifts. Here is a Santa belly chocolate slider:

I'm not really that into Christmas most of the time (and after making over 100 Christmas cards and sliders  recently I can really wait another year), so a lot of my Christmas inspiration came from my lovely friend Liv - a Christmas goddess who knows all things Christmassy and helped me out of many card and slider emergency! Make sure you check out Liv's blog 'A Little Bit of Green Sunshine' - it's a great read and I hear she will be updating it over the holidays! Oh, the things we do when we have spare time!

Also, Cards by Lauren has a new Facebook page (after Facebook deleted my old page - I'm not sure why) so make sure you 'like' it. In an attempt to get my blog linked and a blinkie on the side of this page, not only did I waste hours of my life (that's scrapping time I'll never reclaim) but I may have stuffed up my html coding. Nevermind! Just 'like' the page! Please! Lol.

Anyway, back soon with more creations! Well I had better considering that I am spending hours a day crafting while I'm on my break (and also spending hours watching Veronica Mars!).

L xx

Monday, 26 December 2011

I'm back - where have the months gone?

So, I am one absolutely slack blogger! Completely slack! Since I last blogged I have been insanely busy - working full time, travelling to the USA (San Francisco and Vegas), turning 30 (argh!), weekends away, wedding invitations galore, custom card orders (too many Christmas cards!), life and spending too too too much money on Stampin Up! These are just mere excuses though - but I am on holidays now so it will be blog blog blog!

So what have a been creating? Other than Christmas craft (which I can't even post because if I see another santa, chocolate sliders, snowflake or christmas stocking for a while I'll cry - pics will come eventually), I was creating crafty gifts for my crafty Tit-tastic scrapbooking ladies. We had to make each other crafty christmas gifts and I just got so inspired, I couldn't stop creating! I went with a coffee theme - using Stampin Up and American Crafts products. I made CD case calendars that were inspired by this fab creation and also coffee cup holders (I got the instructions from here).

Anyway, I'd better go and deal with Facebook, who have deleted Cards by Lauren's original Facebook page, so it is really lucky that I didn't have that many fans! So, I am creating a new one! Once it's done I'll post the links!

Anyway, 2012 for Cards by Lauren is all about building the business and keeping the blog up-to-date (so I am getting in early!).

Yours in double sided tape and glitter, Lauren xx