Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas craftiness & my Christmas saviour Liv!

Hi All,

I'm back - two posts in two days - look at me! I promised yesterday that I would post some of the Christmas craft that I had been working on for the last few months, so here are a few samples.

**Excuse the poor quality photos and the messy craft desk - you can blame iPhones and not enough time to make everything for Christmas**

All of these cards are made predominantly with Stampin Up supplies.

I am sooooooo in love with the stocking stamp and punch, and also the snow-shaker card (stamp and treat cup). Although a word of warning - mica flakes might look awesome in the treat cup, but they are less awesome when they are all over your craft room floor!!

Over Christmas I also got a little carried away with making chocolate sliders - I probably made about 30 over Christmas. I used them as voucher and money holders, as well as just general gifts. Here is a Santa belly chocolate slider:

I'm not really that into Christmas most of the time (and after making over 100 Christmas cards and sliders  recently I can really wait another year), so a lot of my Christmas inspiration came from my lovely friend Liv - a Christmas goddess who knows all things Christmassy and helped me out of many card and slider emergency! Make sure you check out Liv's blog 'A Little Bit of Green Sunshine' - it's a great read and I hear she will be updating it over the holidays! Oh, the things we do when we have spare time!

Also, Cards by Lauren has a new Facebook page (after Facebook deleted my old page - I'm not sure why) so make sure you 'like' it. In an attempt to get my blog linked and a blinkie on the side of this page, not only did I waste hours of my life (that's scrapping time I'll never reclaim) but I may have stuffed up my html coding. Nevermind! Just 'like' the page! Please! Lol.

Anyway, back soon with more creations! Well I had better considering that I am spending hours a day crafting while I'm on my break (and also spending hours watching Veronica Mars!).

L xx

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